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Thursday, January 17, 2019

How Much Is Too Much?

I've been asking myself a lot lately, "How much is too much?" 

I just discovered the most amazing chili pepper - Hatch Extra Hot. It's a New Mexican pepper with smokey undertones and a lot of delicious heat. I put it on everything. As I put it on virtually everything I eat, I'm figuring out what I like it most on. 

Typically, I like a lot of heat. So, I ask myself "How much is too much," as I add a tablespoon of Hatch extra hot to my mom's lentils. 

I wonder if I'm overusing the spice because of the quantity I use. I wonder if I should mix it with another pepper that pack a lot of heat and complements the flavor, if the heat is what I really crave in a good pepper. I also don't want to go through an ounce of the Hatch Extra Hot in one week. That wouldn't be good for many reasons. So I wonder, am I using it the way in which it was intended, or do I need to step it up to another level of heat and smoke? 

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